What Are Thread Lifts?

Thread Lifts use threads that are made of an absorbable polydiaxanone (PDO) material that tightens and lifts skin and the skin’s soft tissues. The threads are inserted into the surface subcutaneous skin layer, about 2-3 mm deep. When the needle is drawn back out of the skin, the thread stays behind. Over a time period of about four to six months, the suture material breaks down and is fully absorbed by the body. The visible, more youthful results can last from one to two years, with no scarring involved as would be with a traditional, surgical facelift.

How NovaThreads Work

The threads that are injected stimulate the production of collagen by producing inflammation in the skin. As the sutures degrade over the months ahead, the collagen that was produced stays behind to enhance the patient’s appearance. The smoother type of threads are used for fine line and wrinkle smoothing. Thicker threads with a twist can more clearly define the lip border, filling in deep wrinkles and smoothing smile lines. The threads that have a barbed appearance can lift the skin for a rejuvenated appearance that looks natural. These two techniques can be used in combination with one another or singularly, depending upon the results you wish to accomplish.

Many areas of the body can be lifted and tightened using Thread Lift. In addition to the face and neck, this non-surgical facelift can also work on areas above the knees, the abdomen, the arms, and even the buttocks.

Treatment Information

The treatment itself can take just 15-30 minutes, not counting about 30 minutes spent beforehand to apply a numbing solution so there is little discomfort felt during the procedure.

Immediately after the treatment, patients may feel mild discomfort or soreness, some signs of bruising, and perhaps some bleeding. However, there is no actual downtime involved with the treatment. Patients can return to their normal, everyday activities immediately afterward.