To help both our new and established patients receive care without requiring an office visit, we are offering telemedicine visits.

A telehealth visit allows you and your provider to discuss your current health status and reason for a visit. Much like an in-office visit, your provider will take a medical history and assess symptoms. They can renew or prescribe medications, order lab tests, and develop a treatment plan. Your provider may also recommend in-office testing at an appropriate time in the future.

Telemedicine visits are a safe and secure way for you to connect remotely with your provider via video and audio connection on either your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

 Virtual visits can be used to request medical advice for non-urgent dermatological conditions. Once you’re logged into the telehealth platform, you can conduct a normal office visit via video chat. Virtual visits are best suited to appointments where the focus is discussion or question based. Because certain skin conditions can be evaluated by sight, live video visits and other forms of telehealth represent an excellent way to receive dermatology care without having to visit our office. Simple skin conditions are accurately diagnosed with a through medical interview and photo upload

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Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth Dermatology

Does my insurance cover a dermatology telehealth visit?

Most health insurance plans cover telehealth. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurance companies started covering more telehealth services. Your specific coverage may vary depending on your insurance plan and the service you use.

Are online dermatology visits fast?

Online dermatology visits can be fast.  Our providers strive to spend as much quality time with the patient that is necessary.   You can expect telehealth visits to last about the same amount of time as in-office visits – but while in your home!

Why see a dermatologist virtually?

Telemedicine allows us to treat our patients that are living far away.  Telemedicine can be helpful for routine management of skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

How do virtual dermatology visits work?

Virtual dermatology visits work by conducting a live video via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop that allows you to address most skin concerns you may have with your dermatologist. 

What skin disorders require an in-person visit?

There are several disorders that may require an in-person visit.  Your online dermatologist will be able to help you make the decision of whether a disorder will require further in-office evaluations.

Are telehealth visits better for certain skincare issues?

Telehealth visits can be helpful for routine management of skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Instances where visual examination are needed best suit dermatology telemedicine. However, it’s not appropriate for all skin concerns.  Technology is improving which allows telemedicine services to be expanded successfully with real benefits for patients with skin conditions.

Can a dermatologist diagnose online?

Yes!  Many simple skin conditions are accurately diagnosed with a through medical interview and photo upload.  However, if your condition is more complex or requires a physical exam or lab work, we may recommend in-person care.

Can you do a telehealth visit for a rash?

Yes, skin rashes often can be diagnosed through a telehealth visit.  Your doctor can use videoconferencing to visually examine the rash, determine the cause, and prescribe medicine if necessary.  Telehealth dermatology often involves sending images of your skin for your doctor to examine.

Are virtual dermatologist visits effective?

Yes, research shows that virtual dermatology is highly accurate in dragonizing many skin conditions and planning the best course of treatment.

Can you receive prescriptions from a telehealth physician?

Yes, with telemedicine, you can get prescription medication through an online doctor’s appointment. It’s then possible to have your prescriptions delivered via an online pharmacy.