Do you have reddish facial skin from rosacea or uneven skin tone from sun damage? Are large pores, acne or acne scarring detracting from the beauty of your skin? Is your skin beginning to lose its elasticity with age? Many skin imperfections can be treated with laser therapy, removing small flaws, redness, and scars while improving the skin’s overall aesthetics. One of the most effective laser therapy options for improving skin appearance is a Laser Genesis treatment, available at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

Laser Genesis is a non-ablative laser skin treatment that helps minimize redness, improve skin texture and fade skin imperfections like acne scars. Laser Genesis can also be used to treat active acne, reducing breakouts and clearing the skin. Since this type of laser treatment is non-ablative, it does not remove top skin layers like laser skin resurfacing treatments. Instead, it targets deeper layers in the skin to stimulate healing and increase collagen production. The result is more even, toned and textured skin that looks healthier and more radiant and youthful after every treatment session.

Non-Invasive Facial Skin Tightening

One of the benefits of Laser Genesis treatments is the stimulation of collagen production, increasing the levels within the skin. Collagen levels decline as you get older, resulting in thinner skin that loses its elasticity. As collagen levels drop, the skin can begin to show fine lines and wrinkles; it can also begin to droop or sag. Stimulating collagen production can revive aging skin and help improve the elasticity.

Laser Genesis treatments can offer a non-invasive facial skin tightening effect for the early stages of aging. The laser treatment stimulates the deeper layers of skin, producing a healing response that results in higher collagen levels. In the weeks after treatment, the skin can become tighter and firmer, looking more youthful. For the best effect, multiple treatments spaced a few weeks apart are used for facial skin tightening. Treatments can be repeated periodically to maintain the more youthful appearance of the skin.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Laser Genesis Treatment?

Laser Genesis is popular among men and women of all ages due to the variety of skin issues it can resolve. Laser Genesis can provide overall skin improvement for many common problems from young adults and older teens with acne breakouts and scarring to adults with rosacea and aging skin. While some laser treatments are not recommended for darker skin, Laser Genesis treatments are safe for most skin types.

If you have acne, scarring, rosacea redness, lax skin, wrinkles or larger pores, consider the benefits of Laser Genesis treatments. The sessions are not painful and last about 45-minutes. There is no downtime needed – you may have slight flushing of the skin, but this usually dissipates over a few hours. Multiple sessions are recommended for the best results; the number is dependent on the condition treated and your desired expectations. Our aestheticians and skin specialists at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics can help you determine whether Laser Genesis treatments are right for you or if another cosmetic procedure would better suit your needs.

When you are considering a cosmetic skin treatment, it is important to seek the advice and care of a skin specialist. Our team at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics includes dermatologists and aestheticians with the education, training and experience needed to provide safe and effective skin treatments. Call us today to learn more about Laser Genesis treatments and our many other cosmetic services that can help you look your best. We have clinics in Buckhead and Roswell, GA, for your convenience – schedule your appointment over the phone or request an appointment online for your treatment through our website.