What You Can Save With Laser Hair Removal

Hair growth is different in each person. While hair on the head is accepted and desirable, when hair grows on other parts of the body, we can spend a notable amount of time, money and energy trying to get rid of it. If shaving or waxing your body hair is a source of frustration, consider laser hair removal. Laser hair removal from a dermatologist is not only safe and effective, but it is a permanent solution that can leave you confident and less frustrated.

How Do Lasers Remove Hair?

Lasers use visible light beams to destroy the follicles of hair. It is a very precise and thin laser beam that sends heated energy to the follicle, which destroys it enough to either slow or stop the growth of new hair without harming the surrounding skin. Laser hair removal can be used on the shoulders, arms, underarms, back, neck, ears, chest, bikini, chip, upper lip and face.  Your treatment time and required number of sessions will be based on the size of the treated area. Numbing cream is typically used, and most patients find the procedure much less painful than tweezing or waxing.

What Can Laser Hair Removal Save You in the Long-Run?

Laser hair removal does far more than just making your life easier. From saving your skin from sensitive razor rashes to accelerating your morning routine, laser hair removal offers valuable benefits for your health, wallet and schedule.

Laser hair removal can save you:

  • Time
    How many minutes do you spend shaving each day? Those are the minutes you could get back after your laser hair treatment is complete. Laser hair removal permanent eliminates unwanted body hair, which means you can skip the shaving, waxing and other timely remedies you were performing to remove that hair.
  • Energy and Hassle
    If you find yourself having to shave every day, the task can become daunting. Whether you are applying messy hair removal lotions, constantly shaving or scheduling frequent waxing appointments, the hassle and inconvenience can stop or be drastically reduced with laser hair removal.
  • Money
    While the upfront expense of laser hair removal may cause you to question its worth, you’ll need to carefully consider the expense you incur on temporary hair removal supplies like razors, shaving creams, waxing, etc. In almost all cases, laser hair removal is a cost-effective solution long-term.
  • Confidence
    A notable benefit to laser hair removal is the boost in self-esteem. There’s no need to worry about embarrassing hair stubble on your legs, bikini area or back when you’ve forgotten to shave. With laser hair removal, you can regain confidence in a smooth and attractive skin.
  • Skin Health
    Frequent shaving can not only irritate the skin, but it can also invite bacteria and infection. If you suffer from frequent nicks or razor bumps, the solution to healthier and problem-free skin could be laser hair removal.

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Olansky Dermatology Associates is proud offer the Cynosure, a comprehensive and cutting-edge laser hair removal system that is uniquely designed for all skin types. Cynosure is FDA approved and has the revolutionary ability to combine two optimal wavelengths to accommodate light skin and dark skin in removing unwanted body hair. Contact our Atlanta office today to schedule your permanent hair removal treatment.