The Benefits of Cynosure Laser Hair Removal

Hair is something we all love on our head, but not necessarily anywhere else on the body. Hair that grows in the armpits, bikini area and legs for women and chest and back for men are areas that we fight hard to keep shaved, waxed and smooth for a more accepted and attractive appearance. While the rate and abundance of hair growth can vary from person to person, many of us spend a lot of time, energy and money on trying to remove unwanted hair. How many minutes do you spend shaving on a daily basis? How much money are you spending on razors, shaving creams or waxing sessions? What if you could permanently solve this dilemma and never have to shave again? Consider laser hair removal using the advanced Cynosure laser technology!

How Laser Hair Removal Works

During a treatment session, the innovative laser energy is applied to the targeted area of skin. It heats up the hair follicles enough to disable them from producing new hair. This may result in a complete loss of hair or a dramatic reduction of hair growth. The Cynosure laser only works on hair follicles that are actively growing. Since hair follicles grow at various stages and times, multiple treatments will be necessary to accomplish ideal results.

Here are five of the most noted benefits of choosing the Cynosure laser for your hair removal:

Effective for Multiple Areas of Treatment

The laser works on nearly every area of the body, this includes facial hair, shoulders, neck, back, chest, arms or underarms, abdomen, bikini line and legs! Since the laser minimizes harm to the actual skin, you’ll be able to enjoy your bare, smooth skin after treatments.

A Permanent Solution

The most highlighted advantage of laser hair removal is that once the hair follicles are inactivated, the hair growth cycle is permanently stopped in that area. Keep in mind that results can vary and some people experience more hair loss than others.

All Skin Types Can Be Treated

Cynosure is uniquely designed with two optimal wavelengths – which means it can treat all skin types, from light to dark skin and everyone in between. This is the first of its kind that provides safe hair removal for people of all ethnic backgrounds.

Quick and Safe Procedure

The procedure can be performed in 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of the treatment area. The laser is also FDA approved and deeply researched for safety and efficacy. Measures will also be taken to minimize discomfort during your treatment session, including special numbing cream application prior to your appointment.

No Downtime Required

Regardless of where you received the laser hair removal on your body, most patients are free to return to work or everyday activities immediately following their treatment session. This makes Cynosure both quick and convenient!

If you are tired of shaving or paying for painful waxing sessions, consider laser hair removal from Olansky Dermatology. We proudly pursue the latest and most effective technology for improving the appearance and condition of the skin. We will never sacrifice the health of your skin, but we offer innovative treatment options to help you feel more confident in your skin. When it comes to removing unwanted hair, we stand behind the Cynosure Laser!

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics