Steps to Clear Teenage Acne Fast

Whether it is for prom night or yearbook photos, it is common for teenagers to seek a clear complexion as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many teens suffer from unpredictable acne flare-ups during this hormonally-charged phase of life. Acne is known for wreaking havoc on one’s self-esteem, especially those that are trying desperately to make a good impression on their peers. The good news is that there are proven ways to fight acne during adolescence.

In order to effectively treat acne, it is important to understand what’s causing it. For teens, the most likely culprits to unwanted breakouts include the following:

  • Hormones. The leading reason for acne during adolescence is hormones. Hormone surges and fluctuations increase sebum production, which means the stage is set for acne with excess oil on the skin and clogged pores.
  • Poor Skin Hygiene. As you’ve let your teenager gain independence in the hygiene department, it is not uncommon to see a lackluster job when it comes to face washing. However, proper skin care becomes paramount during adolescence in order to unclog pores from sweat and eliminate excess bacteria. In addition, the right skin care products (and makeup) should be used so that the skin isn’t irritated and inflamed.
  • Stress. Whether it is grades, sports or friendships, the years of middle school and high school are often times of high stress. Unfortunately, stress can affect hormone levels which can in turn increase the production of acne-causing oils on the skin.

A Dermatologist Can Help Clear Your Teenage Complexion

While it may be tempting to “pop your pimples” on your own, please avoid this. Blackhead and whitehead extractions should only be performed by a trained professional. If done incorrectly, bruising and scarring can develop. The procedure involves sequential steps to carefully extract dirt and debris from each pore and applying a calming product to prevent irritation. Chemical peels and light therapy can also be highly effective treatments for acne prone skin. For chronic acne, a dermatologist can recommend a prescription acne medication to use at home.

If the pimple party on your face is causing you stress or anxiety, don’t panic. A simple call to your dermatologist can put your mind at ease. At Olansky Dermatology, we have a full range of treatment options to help teenagers gain a clear and confident complexion so that they have one less thing to worry about during these turbulent years.