Men Embarrassed by Body Hair

We all have hang-ups about our bodies, or certain traits that threaten our self-esteem. When it comes to men, however, new research finds that over half of men admit to feeling “embarrassed” about their body hair. The New York Post recently weighed in on these findings, which reveal that of the top five hang-ups that men have about their body, chest hair and back hair are the top two (ranking just above beer belly, acne and lack of muscle). This unwanted body hair proved to be the reason that 1/3 of men avoided the swimming pool and 1 in 4 men avoided time in the gym.

Body Hair and “Manly Stigmas”

The New York Post article not only featured body hair as the leading body hang-up for men, but it also explained the mindset behind their perception. While millennials are beginning to change things, our society still follows stigmas that suggest male grooming (and even skin care) is not manly. The study showed that over half of men (56 percent) agree that men should only shave their face and that 54 percent of men feel there is a societal stigma attached to men who care about grooming habits

This has led many men to shy away from hair removal products that involve anything else but their face. So if daily shaving is too much of an inconvenience or threat to your “man card,” then you may want to consider another solution using laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

If you’re one of those guys who admits feeling ashamed about their chest hair or back hair, laser hair removal can be the answer to a more confident you. Olansky Dermatology is proud to offer our male patients an advanced laser hair removal treatment using the Cynosure Elite system. This is the most comprehensive laser hair removal system available today, and it is uniquely designed for all skin types. Cynosure has the ability to combine two optimal wavelengths to accommodate light skin and dark skin in removing unwanted body hair from the chest and back. Most importantly, men can gain a permanent reduction of their excess hair with quick, n-office treatment sessions and little to no downtime. Call today to learn more about laser hair removal for men at our Atlanta dermatology practice.