Why Am I Getting Acne as an Adult Woman?

When the topic of acne emerges, most people think of teenagers. Adolescence is certainly the most commonly plagued age group. However, adult acne is also possible. In fact, when women had clear skin up until the age of 25 and suddenly struggle with pimples, it is called “late onset adult female acne.” If you are a woman who suffers from this, you’re likely asking the question “Why?”

There are a number of differences between teen acne and adult female acne, including their causes. A recent Italian study published in the Journal of American Dermatology shed light on this frustrating skin issue for women. Late onset female acne is primarily characterized by inflamed red lesions on the chin and cheeks. In other words, front and center for everyone to see. The study also revealed some commonalities for why it occurs. Women with acne often reported the following:

  • higher levels of psychologic stress
  • less fruits, veggies, and fish in their diet
  • family history of acne
  • acne as a teen
  • had office jobs
  • excess facial and body hair, and had not been pregnant even without a history of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Treating Your Adult Acne

In order to effectively treat your embarrassing acne (and it can be treated), we must first determine the cause. If stress, work, diet or hormones are contributing factors, it may be best to find ways to address these first. Get more sleep, eat more fruits and veggies and see your gynecologist to check for a hormone imbalance. These are things that can make your acne treatments more effective and longer-lasting.

At Olansky Dermatology, we treat acne in all ages and genders. Our office provides leading treatment options using topical creams, oral medication and laser/light therapy. Most importantly, our dermatologist customize a treatment plan based on your specific needs and skin type. Let us help you answer the “Why” behind your adult female acne. Call our office and find out what your acne treatment options are today.

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