Drs. Jodi Ganz and Erica Tarabadkar Appear on WSB Radio’s “The Weekly Check-Up” Discussing Telemedicine and the Tools of Dermatology

Dr. Jodi Ganz, managing partner of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics, and Dr. Erica Tarabadkar, a dermatologist with special interest in cutaneous cancers,  joined host Bruce Feinberg on a recent episode of WSB’s “The Weekly Check-up.” Dr. Ganz is board certified with a focus in female genital dermatology and specializes in warts, cancer, and acne. Dr. Tarabadkar is board certified and was an assistant professor at Emory’s School of Medicine. The September 24 episode featured the two doctors discussing the tools dermatologists use in examining the skin, the medical and surgical nature of dermatology, and they took a number of calls pertaining to moles, warts, and other common skin issues.

The Weekly Check-Up · 9/24/23 Drs. Jodi Ganz and Erica Tarabadkar of Olansky Dermatology

Both dermatologists discussed their love for the hands-on approach they take with patient examination, discussing the use of a dermatoscope as a key tool in the evaluation of patient skin concerns, and how that level of close-up assessment is not necessarily the norm. In many instances, physicians might simply order a biopsy without the same in-depth review that dermatoscopy allows.

The doctors also clarified what areas of care are integrated into the dermatology field. Dr. Ganz described the Olansky practice specifically, saying “We have a cosmetic piece, and we have a very large surgical piece, and we never want that to be lost.”

Additionally, Dr. Tarabadkar and Dr. Ganz took a variety of patient calls, covering an array of topics such as a mole concern, to the physicians’ opinion of blue light treatment. A particular listener called in with concerns over their use of steroids as a treatment for eczema, and the disease has made it difficult to maintain their normal life, and continue with treatment. The doctors provided a few thoughts on alternative treatments for the caller to explore with their doctor.

This also segwayed into a discussion on advancements in telemedicine as it pertains to dermatology. “It really has been revolutionary,” says Dr. Ganz. She points out that the previous caller had to miss a visit to their physician due to life constraints, and how they could have had follow-up appointments via telemedicine to better fit their needs. “It’s a great way to make sure that you’re up to date with your medication, that you’re touching base with your doctor, and especially for follow-up care it’s ideal.”  

To close the show, Dr. Tarabadkar took a question pertaining to prurigo nodularis, which can have a cyclical effect as patients might scratch at itchy nodules formed on the skin, which may cause more nodules to form. The doctors did note that recently there was an FDA-approved treatment released for prurigo nodularis. Listen to the episode to learn more. To schedule an appointment with an expert dermatologist at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics, visit our schedule page or call 404-355-5484.