Dr. Humza Ilyas Joins WSB Radio’s “The Weekly Check-Up” to Discuss Mohs Surgery and Skin Cancer

With Skin Cancer Awareness month approaching, Dr. Humza Ilyas of Olansky Dermatology and Aesthetics recently appeared on “The Weekly Check-Up,” a healthcare talk radio show, to discuss the revolutionary impact of Mohs surgery. The episode aired on March 10 on 95.5 WSB, Atlanta’s News & Talk.

Dr. Ilyas shared his journey into the field of dermatology. Influenced by his brother and father’s friend, who were both physicians, Dr. Ilyas completed a dermatology rotation in medical school and immediately knew it was the right fit for him. 

“Being a skin doctor, you get to take care of people of all ages and all ethnicities,” said Dr. Ilyas. “At times, you care for mildly sick people, and sometimes you take care of very, very sick people. That kind of breadth and array of patients, and the fact that you can help people with medical treatments as well as surgical treatments and other types of procedures, is very appealing.”

Mohs surgery has transformed skin cancer treatment since its inception by Dr. Frederic E. Mohs in the 1960s. After pioneering the technique for 40 years, which was initially met with much skepticism, Dr. Mohs’ procedure eventually led to widespread acceptance and recognition. Today, there are more than 60 fellowship programs dedicated to Mohs surgery. Additionally, Dr. Ilyas mentioned his partner at Olansky, Dr. David Olansky, was trained under Dr. Mohs in Wisconsin during the mid-1980s, becoming one of Atlanta’s earliest Mohs surgeons.

“Mohs is a type of surgery that allows us, as physicians, to remove skin cancer while thoroughly examining the entire border of the removed tissue,” said Dr. Ilyas.

Dr. Ilyas emphasized the precision of Mohs surgery to ensure complete removal while sparing healthy tissue. This approach differs from older methods that often require removing larger portions of tissue.

“We complete the procedure in the office, we don’t have to go into the operating room or put patients to sleep,” said Dr. Ilyas. “We just use local anesthetics. A little pinch in the skin and it deadens the area to complete the procedure.”

During the show, Dr. Ilyas addressed listeners’ questions and shared success rates associated with Mohs surgery. He also discussed the types of skin cancers best suited for this procedure.

Listen to the episode to learn more about these and other topics. To schedule an appointment with an expert dermatologist at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics, visit olanskydermatology.com or call 404-355-5484.

The Weekly Check-Up · 3/10/24 Dr. Humza Ilyas of Olansky Dermatology