Beauty Sleep is Real

We’ve all heard the saying “I need my beauty sleep”. But did you know there is real evidence behind that claim. The truth is, your skin really does need sleep. Adequate hours of nighttime sleep give your skin a chance to look its best for you in the morning. Olansky Dermatology Associates is here to help patients of all ages improve their skin health. For you, it may start with some shut-eye. Here are some reasons why you should get sleep tonight if you want to truly improve your skin health and appearance:

  • Healing:
    Your skin is exposed to all sorts of environmental factors, substances, and other harmful effects throughout the day. Sleep gives your skin a chance to heal itself from the day’s damage.
  • Clear Skin:
    Acne can be triggered by stress. Unfortunately, stress is induced by lack of sleep. Therefore, for clearer skin, make sure you are reducing your stress by getting proper sleep.
  • Bright Eyed:
    We are not actually talking about your eyes here, but the dreaded potential for dark circles under your eyes. Dark eye circles tend to be hereditary, but they can be dramatically improved if you’ve clocked enough hours on your pillow.
  • Even Tone:
    Sleep encourages adequate blood flow to all areas of your body; this includes your skin. If you are cheating yourself from necessary sleep, your facial skin may appear pale or blotchy when you wake up. By getting sleep, you may find that you require less make-up foundation. A natural glow is always best!

Whether it’s for your skin health or other physical benefits, sleep has and will always remain a vital source of your every day life. Although we may all welcome sleep, it tends to fall off the priority list when our schedules are busy. Take the necessary measures to get some extra sleep this week. You may be surprised at how noticeable those extra hours of slumber are when it comes to your skin.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics