Are Your Bathing Habits Causing More Harm Than Good?

We all need to take a bath. Bathing your skin is essential in order to wash away harmful bacteria and germs as well as hydrate the skin. Unfortunately, some of us have bathing habits that compromise your skin health. In fact, certain wrong habits can dry out your skin, which disrupts healthy oil production and damages the integrity of your skin barrier. This can cause a domino effect of skin problems, including eczema-like rashes, allergen intrusion and skin infections.

To prevent dry skin problems, follow these healthy bathing tips:

  • Avoid really hot water, especially if you are prone to dry skin.
  • Moisturize with skin cream within a few minutes of drying off.
  • Stay away from harsh soaps and choose a hypoallergenic cleanser to reduce allergen exposure. Allergens include fragrances and preservatives in skin care products.
  • Wear sandals or disinfect the tub/shower if you are bathing in a locker room or other area where you may be at risk for fungal infections.
  • Make sure that your shower sponges, loofahs and razors dry out between each use. This prevents bacteria growth.

If you follow these bathing tips for healthy skin, it doesn’t necessarily matter whether you choose to take a bath or shower. For more information on preventing, treating or managing dry skin, trust the professionals of Olansky Dermatology Associates. We understand the many factors and skin disorders that can contribute to dry skin. By establishing healthy bathing habits for your skin and keeping your skin moisturized, you can protect its barrier and avoid a number of disruptive skin conditions.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics