Best Aesthetic Treatments for the Winter

Whether you’re wanting to look your best for holiday gatherings, or self-care is your New Year’s resolution, winter is an ideal time to treat your skin to aesthetic services. Cold, dry air can zap moisture from your skin, and stress can take its toll. From wrinkles and fine lines, to redness and uneven texture, wintertime skin woes can be frustrating. 

In honor of National Healthy Skin Month this November, here are some of the best weather aesthetic treatments to consider this season.

Injectable Fillers

To-do lists tend to bloat at this time of year, but injectable treatments are quick and hassle-free. To soften fine lines and get a youthful glow for the season, consider fillers like Botox or Juvederm. Our cosmetic injectables are administered during a brief office visit and require no downtime, yielding impressive results without any major time commitments. 


During this treatment, an aesthetician uses a surgical blade to gently stroke the surface of the skin at a 45-degree angle, holding skin taut as they work on different areas of the face. Dermaplaning can result in a more even skin tone, diminished fine lines, decreased acne, improvement in skin texture, and a softer, more supple face. 


Since wintertime dryness makes fine lines more noticeable, now is the best time to address them. If you’re not quite ready to try cosmetic fillers, microneedling may be the right alternative for diminishing early signs of aging. Our aestheticians use a specialty system which creates microscopic perforations in your skin’s surface. This in turn stimulates collagen and elastin production, leading to anti-aging benefits like enhanced firmness and overall improved skin condition.

Facials & Peels

Swapping your lightweight summertime products out for richer, more hydrating formulas is a great start for getting your skin the moisture it needs this season. Take hydration a step further with an in-office facial, like our Hydro Dermalinfusion treatment. This treatment clears buildup like dead skin cells and oil from your pores, leading to cleaner skin that can accept deep moisturization more readily. In less than an hour, this facial achieves firmer, brighter skin, improves your tone and texture, and reduces fine lines.

Chemical peels are similar to facials, but use specially formulated solutions to meet your specific skin care goals. For instance, the VI DERM Purify with Precision Plus Peel offers superior purifying properties to address existing acne and prevent future breakouts, while our Glycolic Peel curbs dryness and fine wrinkles — perfect for wintertime.

Laser Treatments

We often think of laser services as an option for hair removal, but there’s so much more this technology can do. Consider Laser Genesis to fade acne scars, signs of sun damage, and redness from rosacea. Or, book our Clear + Brilliant laser treatment for radiance and smoothness if your skin is feeling dull and lackluster this winter.

Whether you have a specific cosmetic treatment in mind for this winter, or you’re seeking professional recommendations, the award-winning experts at Olansky Dermatology are eager to help customize your care. Schedule an appointment online or by calling 404-355-5484, and we’ll help you achieve your short and long-term skin care goals to look and feel your best through this winter and beyond.