Over the years, lines can be etched into the skin. As you age, skin loses its elasticity and those lines that appear when you smile or frown stay in place. Dysport is a cosmetic injectable that can smooth those deep lines away, helping you look years younger. If you have frown lines on your brow that you want gone, our skin experts at Olansky Dermatology Associates can help. We offer precision Dysport injections at our office in Roswell, GA.

Dysport is a neuromodulator, which means it blocks nerve signals to muscles. When injected in specific areas on the forehead, Dysport relaxes the muscles that contract to form horizontal lines or the “11” lines between the eyebrows. This treatment is usually performed with five injections and can be completed in one quick office visit. There is no need for downtime or recovery; many of our patients come in for a Dysport treatment during their lunch break and go right back to work.

Smooth Away Lines and Wrinkles

Brow lines and wrinkles can make you look older, and some people can look perpetually upset or angry. Dysport can be the perfect solution to smooth away lines and make the face look years younger with just one treatment. Results require a few days to appear, but they last for about four months before the injections need to be repeated.

Dysport uses the same active ingredient as Botox but is formulated slightly different. Some people who no longer get the results they desire from Botox injections may find that Dysport works better for them. To learn more about treating lines with Dysport, contact our office to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

Look years younger and restore a happy, rejuvenated facial expression with Dysport injections. Contact Olansky Dermatology Associates in Roswell today to schedule your appointment.