As you get older, your cheeks lose fat under the skin and the elasticity decreases, causing lines and wrinkles to appear around the mouth and nose area. Years of showing joy with your smiles and laughs eventually leaves a mark, notably the smile or parentheses lines at your nasolabial fold that surrounds the lower nose and mouth. Lyft injections, a Restylane product, offers mid to deep dermal fillers that soften these deep lines and add fullness in the cheek area, which are available at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics in Atlanta.

Restylane injections use hyaluronic acid to plump and add volume under the skin. While Restylane has several different products, Lyft is designed for the cheek area. This formula is meant for deeper lines that occur in the cheek area. By adding more volume to the cheek, smile lines soften and become less apparent for a more youthful appearance. Lyft injection results can last for over a year before another treatment is needed to sustain results.

What Can I Expect with Lyft Injections?

Lyft injections are a great alternative to surgical cosmetic procedures for those that are noticing deeper smile lines and lost volume in their cheek area. They are quick, usually only taking 15-30 minutes for your visit, and results can last for up to a year or more. You don’t need to take the day off from work or schedule downtime after your procedure. You will notice the results quickly, with full results within a few days after treatment. There are minimal side effects. A little swelling in the treated area is the most common one.

If smile lines are making you frown, come see us at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics. We offer several Restylane injections, including Lyft for erasing deep smile lines. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment at either our Buckhead or Roswell clinics.