Botox injections are used for a wide variety of medical and cosmetic uses. The key effect of Botox is blocking muscle contractions, which can be useful for diminishing facial lines and wrinkles as well as minimizing excessive sweating or migraine headaches. Another use for Botox is slimming the face or jaw through masseter reduction. At Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics in Atlanta, we offer Botox for jawline reshaping as well as for many other treatments.

Non-Surgical Round Face Treatment

The jawline greatly impacts the shape of the face. A wider jaw can create a round or square face, while a narrow jaw can make a face look more heart or oval-shaped. While a wide jaw can be attractive if you want a masculine face, those who prefer a feminine appearance may not want a round or square-shaped face. Botox can be an option for non-surgical round-face treatment by relaxing the masseter muscles on the outside of the jaw.

Reducing the appearance of the masseter muscles with Botox can be the solution for a round or wide face. Botox injections can minimize muscle contractions in the masseter or jaw muscles, helping to shrink these prominent muscles in size. The result can be a narrowing and reshaping of the jawline, creating a more oval or heart-shaped face.

Botox Injections for Jaw Slimming and Reduction

Non-surgical masseter reduction using Botox injections can be an effective option for jaw slimming and reduction. Botox begins taking effect a few days after treatment, relaxing the large jaw muscles. Over the next few months, the masseter muscles may shrink in size, reshaping and slimming the jawline.

Before and After Botox for Jawline Reshaping Procedure
Before and After Botox for Jawline Reshaping Procedure

If you are interested in Botox for masseter reduction or jawline reshaping, contact our team at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics in Atlanta, GA. Our team can schedule a Botox injection consultation with one of our esthetic specialists.