The Truth About Sweat

The way you sweat may be different from your friend or even your sibling. While few of us like to sweat, this moisture that our skin produces is necessary to some degree. When your body gets overheated, it is sweat that cools your body down. Contrary to popular belief, however, your body doesn’t need sweat to release toxins. Instead, toxins are filtered and eliminated through your liver, kidneys and digestive system.

Although you can’t see them, your skin has two types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine glands can be found over most of your body. They are controlled by your nervous system and body temperature and open directly onto the surface of your skin. Apocrine glands, however, open into hair follicles that lead to the skin’s surface. Apocrine glands are the type we most often associate with unwanted sweat because they are responsible for the sweat on your scalp, armpits and groin.

When You Sweat Too Much

While skin can protect your body from overheating and give your skin a moisturized and ‘dewy’ glow, there are some situations in which sweat can be cumbersome and even embarrassing. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. People who suffer from hyperhidrosis may get the positive benefits of sweating, but with a very negative outcome. Hyperhidrosis can’t always be solved with prescription antiperspirants, and it often keeps patients from wearing certain clothing or attending social events.

What You Can Do for Hyperhidrosis?

Fortunately, there are ways a dermatologist can address your excessive armpit sweating. Hyperhidrosis can be reversed with an advanced, non-invasive technology called MiriDry.  MiriDry is an in-office treatment for underarm sweat that is approved by the FDA. Patients who take advantage of MiriDry for hyperhidrosis can gain the following the benefits:

  • Permanent reduction or elimination of underarm sweat
  • Immediate results
  • Quick, one-hour treatment session
  • No incisions or downtime
  • Less (or no) need for deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Improved confidence in personal and professional life

Let Us Address Your Sweat

If you feel that you sweat too much, make an appointment with our skin care experts at Olansky Dermatology. While we never dismiss the body’s need for healthy sweat glands, we also understand the emotional setbacks when too much sweat is produced. To learn more about MiriDry for hyperhidrosis, please call our Atlanta office today.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics