The Injection That Can Melt Your Double Chin

Whether it was what you were born with or a stubborn area of fat that doesn’t budge with diet and exercise, the appearance of a “double chin” affects many adults. Excess fat underneath the chin (also known as submental fat) can quickly threaten your self-esteem when looking in the mirror. However, not all double-chin sufferers are willing to go under the knife to fix this aesthetic issue. That’s why Kybella has quickly gained popularity since its FDA approval in 2015.

Kybella is an injectable product that is given just like a facial filler or Botox. It contains a unique injectable gel that can minimize the appearance of a double chin without surgery. Here’s some leading reasons why Kybella may be your answer to a more contoured and confident profile:

A slimmer, more youthful appearance

The pocket of submental fat that often develops under the chin can be a result of genetics, aging, and excess weight. Unfortunately, this can be a stubborn issue that doesn’t always go away when you diet and exercise. To help you regain a slimmer and more youthful appearance, Kybella can reduce the fullness underneath your chin with a series of simple, in-office injection treatments.

Innovative aesthetic technology

Kybella is a unique treatment with remarkable capabilities. Its main ingredient is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which is what our body naturally produces to break down and absorb fat. When injected into submental fat, Kybella immediately goes to work to target and destroy fat cells. This is a permanent treatment that disables those fat cells from ever storing fat again.

Affordable and convenient solution

Once you start Kybella, you’ll see a visible reduction in your double chin within a few months of beginning injections. Each treatment session lasts about 15 minutes, which can easily be squeezed in a busy calendar. For planning purposes, it is recommend that you get up to six procedures spaced four weeks apart for ideal results. When compared to plastic surgery for your double chin, the cost is very affordable!

No surgery risks

While a neck lift or liposuction can produce great results, these are procedures that require surgery, and surgery carries risks. Kybella gives patients the opportunity to gain permanent fat reduction without the cost, downtime and risks of surgery and sedation.

To find out if you are a candidate for double chin treatment using Kybella, please call Olansky Dermatology Associates in Atlanta. Keep in mind that Kybella can shrink a small pouch of fat, but it will not tighten loose skin.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics