Sunscreen In the Winter?

It may be cold outside, but the sun is still shining. Contrary to what you may think, the sun’s harmful effects on your skin do not come from the warmth it provides; rather it is the UV rays that penetrate your skin layers. Although the sun may not feel as warm during the winter, UV rays don’t go away. Therefore, your disciplined efforts to apply sunscreen during the summer shouldn’t stop when the colder months roll in.

We all look for ways to keep our skin firm, healthy and smooth. The truth is, sunscreen may be your most valuable weapon. Instead of wasting money on countless anti-aging creams, protecting your skin from sun damage may be the most influential step.

How do sunscreens work? There are many different types of sunscreen and a dermatologist can help you determine the right one for you. In general, sunscreens work by blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun. These are the rays that cause premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Without proper protection, UV rays penetrate the deep layers of your skin and disrupt your skin’s cells. This leads to a host of unwanted results, such as wrinkles, sun spots, discoloration and texture changes.

When it comes to sunscreen, make sure you apply enough, apply it often and apply it daily. Don’t wait until you hit the beach or lay out by the pool to use your sunscreen. Your skin can absorb harmful rays even while riding in the car. In the winter months, the skin tends to be drier, which is an even greater reason to keep it moisturized and protected with sunscreen.

Think you’re okay to skip sunscreen when it is cloudy or even snowing? Think again. In fact, you may even need more sunscreen than normal when the ground is covered with the reflective effects of snow. On cloudy days, as much as 80% of the sun’s UV rays can reach your skin!

Adding sunscreen to your winter skin regime may be simpler than you think. There are countless products that offer both moisturizer and sunscreen in one bottle. At Olansky Dermatology Associates, we are happy to help you find the most convenient and effective ways to protect your skin through all seasons of the year.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics