Psoriasis: Tips to Reduce Winter Flare-Ups

If you suffer from psoriasis, winter is probably not your favorite season of the year. The cold air, low humidity and limited sunlight can make psoriasis a heightened source of disruption and frustration during the winter.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition in which the skin cells multiply at an accelerated rate, up to five times faster than average. With such a quick turnover, the dead skin cells don’t have enough time to slough off naturally. Therefore, psoriasis sufferers are left with scaly, itchy and red skin patches on their body. Psoriasis is often considered as an auto-immune disorder, as flare-ups can be triggered from infections, stress, and cold.

Considering that the winter months and holidays are maxed out with cold weather, stress and looming germs or infection, your psoriasis may require extra attention during this season of the year.

Here are some easy and very helpful tips for keeping your psoriasis under control this winter:

  • Take shorter, lukewarm showers (hot water strips away needed skin oils)
  • Moderate your soap usage to only what is necessary
  • Considering using an indoor humidifier
  • Swap your products for fragrance-free versions
  • Use moisturizers with a synthetic ceramide, helping to seal in moisture
  • Cover your face or other exposed skin areas in the wind or cold

Finally, seek professional help from a dermatologist if you think you have psoriasis or if you are struggling to control flare-ups during the winter. Olansky Dermatology Associates in Atlanta is proud to offer psoriasis patients with a wide range of treatment solutions, whether it is a topical cream, oral medication or injection. We also offer advanced treatment for psoriasis through our successful UVB light therapy or our state-of-the-art Xtrac laser in Atlanta.

Call Olansky Dermatology Associates today. We treat patients of all ages who suffer from psoriasis and other chronic skin disorders. Stay comfortable in your skin this winter.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics