Pregnancy’s Toll On Your Skin

Not only does pregnancy transform a woman’s body throughout nine months, but its affect on her skin can remain even after the baby is born. Probably one of the only positive skin changes of pregnancy is the frequently noted “pregnancy glow.” This is actually a very real observation. A pregnant woman’s face is brighter and shinier since there is more blood circulating and hormones cause oil glands to work in overdrive during pregnancy.

But not all skin changes are welcome during pregnancy, and some are not easy to get rid of after delivery. Pregnant women commonly complain of acne breakouts as their hormones surge. They develop itchy skin on their abdomen and stretch marks as their belly grows. In addition, up to %50 of moms-to-be will experience melasma, or “the mask of pregnancy” which is dark splotchy spots on the face caused again by a surge in hormones. Most of these skin changes will be relieved and dissipate once the baby is born.
Unfortunately, pregnancy can also cause spider veins. This can be a stubborn side effect of pregnancy. Spider veins, also known as spider nevi, are minute reddish tiny blood vessels that branch outward. These spider veins are also caused by the increase in blood circulation. Many women seek professional treatment for their spider veins if they do not improve after delivery. Olansky Dermatology Associates proudly offers spider vein treatment through sclerotherapy. This effective injection treatment requires several office visits but is highly successful in shrinking or eliminating unwanted spider veins.
If you have skin changes that are bothersome or have lingered after your pregnancy, seek treatment from a board certified dermatologist. Olansky Dermatology Associates offers treatment for acne, scars, melasma and spider veins in Atlanta.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics