New Year New Skin

When it comes to your body and your health, it’s the perfect time of year to start doing things better. While making your list of New Year’s resolutions for more exercise and better eating, don’t’ forget the largest organ in the body – your skin. Giving your skin some extra TLC will not only protect your health, but it can also make a dramatic difference in your overall appearance. What changes will you make in 2017 to improve your skin health? Here are some suggestions: #1 Wear Sunscreen Daily. Regardless of the temperature outside, go ahead and lather up with a good SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Remember you are still exposed during the winter or while sitting next to a window in the car or at work!

#2 Schedule A Full Body Skin Check. An annual skin screening from your dermatologist is the best way to stay on top of your skin health. We can look for suspicious lesions and moles, including those that you can’t see very well on your back. During this annual exam, you’ll also have a chance to discuss special skin care products that are best for your skin type. #3 Follow Better Makeup Rules If you are a woman and wear makeup on a daily basis, you’ve got more responsibility when it comes to your skin health. First, make sure you remove your makeup each night before bed. Your skin needs to breathe and have a chance to renew itself while you sleep. This will also help prevent acne breakouts and delay the onset of wrinkles. Also, be sure to change out your makeup brushes often or clean them on a weekly basis if you can. Oil and dirt can build up on your brushes and sabotage your skin care efforts. #4 Hydrate! Your skin needs hydration. If you don’t already do so, apply a moisturizer or lotion on your face and body after showering. Hydrating your skin can help your skin look healthier and younger! In addition, it can reduce the likelihood of skin rashes and other conditions that arise from dry, itchy skin. Ask your dermatologist for the best moisturizing product for your specific skin. Another way to hydrate your entire body and boost your skin health is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Increasing your water consumption is an excellent New Year’s resolution! #5 Get Enough Sleep. Yes, it is true that you need your beauty sleep. Getting adequate amounts of shuteye each night allows your entire body to restore itself, including your skin. You will benefit from a more glowing complexion and less dark circles under your eyes if you make sleep a priority this year.

To schedule your annual skin screening with a reputable team of dermatologists in Atlanta, call Olansky Dermatology Associates. We look forward to doing our part to make 2017 a year of better skin health for you!

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics