Micro Needling for Acne Scars

Do you have embarrassing acne scars from your teenage years? You can put the past behind you by scheduling a simple treatment called micro needling at your dermatologist’s office. This aesthetic treatment for acne scars works best for those sunken areas on the skin that display a crepe-like or orange peel appearance. It also works great on fine lines and wrinkles too!

How it Works?

Micro needling devices can include rollers with wheels of needles or pens with a cluster of needles at the tip. Olansky Dermatology Associates uses The Rejuvapen Automatic Therapy System for optimal results. Micro needling works by making tiny perforations into the skin. This slight injury triggers the skin to make more collagen and elastin to repair the perforations. The result is skin that is firmer and smoother.

The Procedure and Results

During the procedure, there may be light bleeding. After the therapy, your face may look pink and puffy. Icing the area after treatment can help.

Micro needling improves the appearance of acne scars significantly. The skin becomes firmer, pores appear finer, circulation is stimulated, and the overall visibility of acne scars is reduced. Unlike laser resurfacing procedures that can take a week or more to heal, micro needling offers a much faster recovery.

With today’s advancements in dermatology technology and technique, there is no reason to endure unattractive acne scars as an adult. Call us to learn if Rejuvapen Micro Needling is right for you!

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics