Is Your Pedicure Safe?

As temperatures warm up and flip-flops break out, you likely have a trip to the nail salon planned to decorate those bare toes. However, before you sit back and relax during your pedicure, you need to conduct a brief inspection of the salon to be sure it is safe. Neglecting to do so may result in unwanted skin and nail problems on your feet, including nail fungus, athlete’s foot, infected cuticles and warts.

Choose your salon wisely to ensure your pedicure doesn’t do more harm than good. For the safest and healthiest nail salon experience, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your technician and the nail salon carry proper licensure and have proper inspection certificates? These should be posted clearly in the facility.
  • Did you bring your own flip-flops to wear after your pedicure?
  • Did you schedule an appointment early in the day? This is when equipment, floors and chairs are the cleanest.
  • When you look around, are there any signs of inadequate hygiene practices or an unclean facility?
  • Is the whirlpool footbath pipe-free? Pipes tend to harbor bacteria.
  • If the footbath has a liner, has a new liner been placed for you?
  • Are the files, buffers and toe separators used only once? They should be considered disposable and never shared between customers.
  • Does your technician’s hands and fingernails look exceptionally clean or is he or she wearing gloves?
  • If you are not bringing your own pedicure instruments, is a brand new sterilized pack opened for you?
  • Have you shaved your legs? It’s best not to! Shaving or using hair removal products before your pedicure increases the risk for bacteria invasion.
  • Do you have a cut or wound on your feet or legs? Postpone your pedicure to avoid infection.
  • Is the pedicure hurting you? Tell your technician! Your experience should be fun, relaxing and rewarding.

At Olansky Dermatology Associates, we understand your desire to let someone else pamper your feet and keep your toenails manicured. However, in your pursuit for pretty toes, don’t neglect the potential health risks that are associated with going to just any nail salon. Do your homework and choose a place that is clean, well-established and licensed!

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics