Five Common Summer Skin Problems You Can Prevent

Whether you relish warm weather or you prefer to stay in the cool AC, summer’s return is inevitable. With it comes a host of skin challenges, brought to you by factors like increased sweat and environmental changes. But while there may be certain aspects of summer you can’t avoid, the following seasonal skin woes can usually be prevented.

Five Preventable Summer Skin Issues

Poison Ivy

From hitting the trails to pulling weeds in your garden, poison ivy can easily find its way into your outdoor activities this summer. The plant, along with poison oak and poison sumac, contains oils that can cause an extremely itchy rash.

Knowing how to identify — and thus avoid — these plants is a good starting point for prevention. But if you’ll be hiking, camping, or otherwise surrounded by foliage, it may not be possible to inspect every plant in your surroundings. Wearing long pants, tall socks, or both can keep you protected.


Higher temps will have you sweating more this summer, which can clog pores and lead to acne. But you don’t have to skip your favorite outdoor activities to stay blemish-free. Use a cool, clean cloth to blot away sweat (harsh wiping can cause irritation) whenever you need a blot. Always launder clothing or headbands that have come in contact with sweat right away, and continue to wash and moisturize your skin regularly using non-comedogenic formulas.

Dry Skin

Winter is often perceived as the season of dry skin, but dryness can occur during summertime, too. Increased sun exposure (though you should be wearing sunblock – more on that below), spending time in the air conditioning, and irritants like saltwater and chlorine can zap skin’s moisture.

If dryness is a recurring issue for you in the summer, you may need to adjust your moisturizing routine. Be sure to apply a moisturizing product like hyaluronic acid shortly after getting out of the shower to lock in hydration. Skip hot water and fragrances too, as these can further strip away your skin’s natural oils, and instead opt for lukewarm water and fragrance-free formulas. Also consider keeping the temperature a bit warmer in your home – your energy costs will be lower as an added bonus!


Among the most uncomfortable skin problems in summer is chafing. Friction is the main culprit behind the irritation, but it can be exacerbated by moisture. Hot weather and exercise are therefore common catalysts for the irritating rash that ensues, so whether you’re hitting the beach or planning a morning run, chafing prevention is important to safeguarding your skin.

Start by wearing properly fitting, sweat-wicking garments and changing out of damp clothing quickly. If you’re worried about consistent friction in a specific area during outdoor exercise, such as around your thighs or armpits, apply an anti-chafing cream or petroleum jelly for lubrication.


Out of all the summer skin issues you’ll want to prevent most, this is potentially the most serious. Sunburns are uncomfortable, but they’re also a sign your skin has been damaged by UV rays that could cause skin cancer. You’ll need to apply sunblock with SPF of at least 30 year-round to avoid UV damage, but summer calls for even further protection.

Since you may be spending more time outdoors, remember to reapply your sunblock every two hours, or after you’ve been in the water. Add extra layers of defense, including UV-blocking clothing, wide-brim hats, and sunglasses. If possible, stay indoors or in the shade between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, when the sun’s rays are strongest. 

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