Expected Skin Changes for the Expectant Mom

There are a lot of changes to expect when you are “expecting.” Beyond the obvious physical change of a growing belly, pregnancy also triggers changes in your appetite, energy, mood and more. Surging hormones during pregnancy are to blame, and they can affect your skin too! If you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant, you may notice that your skin goes through several changes until your baby is born.

Your skin is your largest organ! Therefore, it makes sense why it would be impacted by such a major event in your body. Here are four common skin changes that can occur during pregnancy:

  • Stretch Marks
    While it can vary for each woman, an expanding belly and weight gain is an inevitable part of pregnancy. Since the skin must stretch to accommodate for your growing baby, it is common to suffer stretch marks. In fact, up to 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks, which can occur in other areas of your body besides your abdomen. Applying a lotion of vitamin E and alpha-hydroxy acids to your stretch marks daily can help reduce their appearance and encourage the skin to return to normal.
  • Melasma
    Melasma is often called “the mask of pregnancy.” As another unwanted skin change, pregnancy hormones can cause up to one-half of pregnant women to experience dark patches of skin on their face. Don’t worry, however, there are several treatments for melasma (such as light therapy) that are safe for mom and baby.
  • Acne Breakouts
    You may feel like a hormonal teenager again when you see breakouts of pimples in the mirror during pregnancy. This is another normal skin response to pregnancy. It is important to keep your face clean and oil-free as best as possible. Treating severe acne is best overseen by a dermatologist because not all acne medication is safe for pregnant women.
  • Pregnancy Glow
    Not all skin changes during pregnancy are bad. In fact, one of the biggest compliments to an expectant mom is her glowing complexion. The common “pregnancy glow” is primarily the result of the almost fifty-percent increase in blood flow and improved circulation that occurs during these nine months.

A Skin Care Specialist for All Stages of Life

At Olansky Dermatology, we are proudly equipped to care for your skin at all stages of life – including the unforgettable months of pregnancy. Whether you have acne breakouts during pregnancy or lingering melasma after your baby is born, we can help! Call our Atlanta office today.

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