COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions in Filler Patients

The world has been awaiting the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, and several companies have delivered. A recent article published by Rebecca Forand in Healio Psoriatic Disease reveals some interesting side effects of the Moderna injection.

A Specific Reaction

There has been a reaction reported in phase three trials of the Moderna vaccine that affects those who have received facial fillers. This trial, consisting of 30,000 people, included three individuals with facial fillers who experienced adverse reactions after receiving the Moderna vaccine. These reactions included moderate facial swelling. The type of filler did not seem to be important, since all three subjects had different types of facial fillers. The reactions were easily treated, and no lasting effects were experienced.

A Possible Explanation

The cause for the swelling is unknown, but experts have a theory. The facial fillers were made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in the collagen present in our bodies. It is most prevalent in our joints and in the fluid of the eyes. It makes an excellent treatment for wrinkles and for osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic acid holds water and reacts to foreign substances in the body, causing an immune response. Current evidence suggests these reactions can be triggered by viral and bacterial illness, vaccinations, and dental procedures. This could explain why those with facial fillers experienced swelling after receiving the Moderna vaccine. The introduction of the foreign substance caused the hyaluronic acid to trigger an immune response. These rare adverse events are temporary and respond to treatments such as oral corticosteroids and hyaluronidase, and most often resolve without treatment.

Is the Vaccine Safe? What if I Received Treatment with Fillers?

Given currently available data, patients already treated with dermal fillers should not be discouraged or precluded from receiving vaccines of any kind. Similarly, patients who have had vaccines should not be precluded from receiving dermal fillers in the future. If you have received facial fillers, it is a good idea to reveal this to your physician before receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Even though the chances of reaction are minimal, it is always recommended to discuss your medical history with your doctor, including any cosmetic procedures you have had. The good news is that reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are very rare, and the protection of the vaccine can help prevent you from contracting the virus.

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