The Consequences of Sleeping In Your Makeup

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day and all you want to do is crawl in bed. You skip your face-washing regime in an effort to let your head hit the pillow a few minutes sooner. Harmless, right? While an occasional skip may not produce much harm, if you sleep in your makeup consistently, you’ll reap several unwanted consequences on your complexion.


The best defense against acne is a clean face. If you allow dead skin cells, oils and dirt to remain on your skin overnight, you are creating the perfect environment for clogged pores, chronic inflammation and pimples. Sleeping in your foundation (liquid or powder form) contributes to new acne formation as well as irritation of existing pimples. Take the time to wash your face to avoid embarrassing breakouts.

Dull Complexion

Your skin performs a very important renewal process during the night that helps your complexion look brighter. When the oils and makeup on your face remain matted against your pillow all night, this cellular turnover process is greatly inhibited. In turn, your complexion may appear dull because the epidermal layer of your skin didn’t get renewed. Consequently, you may have to apply even more makeup to create a glow.

Aged Appearance

What if you were told that when you neglect to remove your makeup before bed, you were actually helping to create wrinkles? It’s true. Oxidative damage to your skin can occur from environmental factors. In this case, trapped dirt and makeup causes your skin barrier to breakdown, which contributes to loose skin and wrinkles. This process can happen faster than you think! A 2013 study from Daily Mail showed proof of premature facial aging in one woman after only 30 days of skipping her nighttime cleansing routine.

Rash and Infection

Your skin is designed to protect your body from outside bacteria. When it is not cleaned and taken care of properly, your line of defense becomes weak and an infection could result. In addition, your facial skin is subject to rashes and inflammation when you leave your makeup on all night. Most products contain perfumes and dyes that can cause irritation when left on your skin for sustained periods of time.
The bottom line is that your skin needs to breathe at night. Just like your body, your skin undergoes important renewal processes while you sleep that allow it to look and function at an optimal level. While we certainly understand your need for makeup each day, don’t dismiss the importance of giving your skin some rest when the lights go out at night.
At Olansky Dermatology Associates, we are happy to recommend the best makeup products for your particular skin. It is important select cosmetic products that are not causing more harm than good. Our dermatologists can also suggest appropriate facial cleansers and moisturizes to boost your skin health and appearance.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics