Acne Solutions and Treatment Options for Spring

As spring approaches, we look forward to longer days, milder temperatures, and lighter layers. However, for some of us, there’s one caveat: breakouts may be worse this time of year, putting a damper on everything from senior prom to spring break. What’s more, acne can affect your spring spirit well into adulthood, too. No matter your age, if your acne seems more intense this time of year, you’re not alone.

Now for the good news: There are effective ways to treat acne in spring and beyond. Here’s everything you should know about this frustrating seasonal skin change.

Is Acne Worse in Spring?

Acne is caused by several major factors, each of which can have unique triggers. The activity of normal skin bacteria, overactive oil glands, blocked pores, and inflammation can all create the perfect storm of conditions for acne. If you’re noticing whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and other symptoms of acne in spring more so than in other seasons, you may be more sensitive to seasonal triggers.

For instance, here are a few warm-weather factors that might worsen breakouts:

  • Warmer temperatures: Heat can prompt your sebaceous glands to generate more oil, which can build up and lead to acne.
  • Sweat: As we sweat more in warmer weather, the secretion can combine with dirt, oil, and other debris that clog your pores.
  • Clothing: From headbands to sports bras, tight-fitting clothing and accessories can trap sweat and other debris, creating buildup on the skin’s surface.

Treating Acne in Spring

Whether acne is a year-round challenge or you’re just noticing an increase in symptoms this season, there are ways to treat worsening breakouts. First, make sure you’re sticking to an acne-fighting skincare routine, which should include the following steps.

Gentle Cleansing

Washing your face is a must-do for everyone, whether you have acne-prone skin or not. This simple step should be completed each morning and evening to remove excess oil and debris. Be sure to avoid scrubbing too harshly, as this can actually accelerate cell turnover, resulting in more clogged pores.


While excess oil can contribute to acne, you still need to moisturize even if your skin is oily. Without ample hydration, your skin might be prompted to create more oil as a form of compensation. The trick is to find a lightweight, non-comedogenic formula, which is designed to prevent clogged pores.

At-Home Acne Treatments

There are dozens of products available to help banish acne, but we recommend starting with a simple salicylic acid formula. The ingredient helps the skin shed dead cells and reduces inflammation, so it’s great for accelerating healing and preventing breakouts.

Professional Acne Treatments

In some cases, over-the-counter approaches aren’t enough to treat acne. If your breakouts persist despite a diligent home care routine, it’s time to get professional help. Our skin care specialists can find the right acne treatment for your specific skin concerns.

Sometimes, a prescription cleanser might do the trick, while in other cases, in-office treatments like chemical peels, prescription oral medication, laser treatments, or light therapy might work best. With both dermatological expertise and customized cosmetic care, our specialists can pinpoint the best treatment plan for your acne, providing lasting relief through springtime and beyond.

Schedule Your Annual Skin Exam To Address Springtime Acne Concerns

Whether it’s acne or another skin concern, we can help you find the best care routine during your annual skin exam. During these comprehensive appointments, our specialists perform a thorough skin assessment and provide a consultation with personalized recommendations. Schedule your appointment online or by calling our office at (404) 355-5484.