A Skincare Plan for Young Athletes

Fall sports are in full swing. As a parent of a child or teen in athletics, you know the hard work and long practices that today’s youth sports demand. While you may be focused on making sure your child gets rest, proper nutrition and their homework completed, don’t forget about your child’s skin health. As a young athlete, their skin can be more susceptible to certain skin problems than others. Whether it is athlete’s foot from the locker room showers or acne flare-ups due to heavy sweating, a dermatologist can help you develop a skincare regime to protect your athlete’s complexion during fall sports.

Skincare for young athletes can tackle a wide range of skin problems and conditions that can develop during the season. As you set rules for bedtime and purchase equipment for game day, don’t forget to consider the following skincare tips for your sporty kid:

  • Wear Sunscreen. It may not officially be summer, but the sun is still quite strong in Georgia during the fall months. If your child plays outdoor sports, remind them that a layer of 30 SPF should be part of their routine when getting dressed for practice or a game. Sport sunscreen is often lighter and non-greasy so it won’t affect their level of play! Countless skin conditions can develop or be made worse due to chronic sun exposure and/or sun burn.
  • Stay On Top of Acne. Acne loves oily skin. Since athlete’s tend to sweat more than others, it is common to experience acne flare-ups during sport season. To ensure your teen’s athletic performance doesn’t come at the cost of their complexion, consider stepping up your game in acne prevention. This can involve a trip to the dermatologist for a customized skincare plan, including special face wash and topical ointments to apply to the face during fall sports and beyond. Most importantly, however, encourage your teenager to shower (or at least wash his or her face) immediately after practice or a game. The longer sweat and oils linger on the skin, the better chance acne has to rear its ugly head.
  • Address Chaffing and Skin Irritations Early. It is common for athletes to experience chaffing, folliculitis and other skin irritations from the protective gear they have to wear for their sport. Whether it is around the hairline from a football helmet or on the legs from a shin guard rubbing against the skin, address these skin irritations early on so that they do not worsen or lead to infection.
  • Follow Healthy Locker Room Habits.  The locker room is a prime breeding ground for bacteria. If your child is regularly changing or showering in a school or public locker room, make sure they understand the importance of wearing shoes (or flip-flops) to prevent athlete’s foot. Warts can also be a concern for players that share towels, clothing or razors with others. Sharing the ball is one thing, but sharing bacteria, fungus and other skin conditions is not advised.

Does your athlete need help in finding a good skincare plan this season? Call Olansky Dermatology in Atlanta. We can tailor a skincare regime to promote optimal skin health while your child is on the field or court this fall.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology Associates