Male Skin Care: Shaving Folliculitis

Olansky DermatologyWhen it comes to skin issues in men, shaving folliculitis is a common concern. You may understand this condition better using the term “razor bumps.” If you struggle with painful, itchy and unsightly bumps on your face after your shaving session, you can and should take action. There are ways to prevent shaving folliculitis as well as ways to treat it.

Razor bumps are essentially the result of inflammation called pseudofolliculitis. This occurs when the bearded hairs become ingrown and inflamed. The immune system sends cells to attack the ingrown hair in response to what is recognized as a “foreign body” in the skin. This causes acne-like lesions to form on the skin surface, called papules and pustules. Razor bumps are more common in men with curly hair than straight hair because of the tendency for a curly hair follicle to grow back towards the skin surface instead of straight out. (more…)

Know Your Skin Type

Atlanta GA Laser Hair Removal DermatologistsHow well do you know your skin? If you want to care for your skin well, you need to first identify your skin type. There are a variety of skin types, and each one has a unique set of needs. Understanding your skin type, whether it is oily, dry or sensitive, can influence important factors such as which facial cleansers you use, your makeup products and even how you treat acne.

Do you best to avoid a “cookie cutter approach” to your skin care regime and identify your skin type first. A board certified dermatologist can certainly help you determine what your skin needs best, but here is some insight on the main skin types to help you get started. Which one can you relate to most? (more…)

Considering Kybella To Get Rid of Your Double Chin?


Atlanta GA DermatologistsDo you dread looking at pictures of yourself due to your “double chin” appearance? If you’re not willing to undergo plastic surgery to remove this stubborn chin fat, you now have a favorable alternative. Using Kybella injections, patients can permanently say goodbye to their double chin and gain a contoured, youthful profile without every going under the knife.

Kybella is one of the latest products on the market. In the hands of a skilled physician, the procedure is simple and the results amazing. Kybella is specifically designed for reducing submental fat, or the fatty area that people often call a “double chin” in the middle of the neck and just below the chin. If you are considering Kybella injections, here are some questions and answers that may interest you: (more…)

3 Reasons Why Seniors Should See A Dermatologist


Atlanta GA DermatologistThere is no question that our bodies encounter changes as we age. The effects on our skin can be significant. There are certain skin-related disorders that the aging population is more likely to encounter. Without prompt diagnosis and treatments, these skin conditions can become painful and quite disruptive. They can even influence one’s overall well-being. Here are three leading reasons why seniors should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist sooner rather than later: (more…)

All Facial Fillers Are Not Created Equal


Atlanta GA Facial Fillers for WrinklesFacial fillers continue to be a popular solution for those that want to turn back the hands of time without going under the knife. Facial fillers are a non-surgical means of cosmetic correction and improvement to the face. Patients can get facial filler injections during a quick office visit, gaining dramatic results with little to no downtime.

While the process is easy, it is still very important to choose a qualified provider when getting facial fillers, such as a board certified dermatologist who is trained in aesthetics. Not only do they carry the refined skill and technique to minimize bruising and create natural-looking results, but a dermatologist will also know which type of facial filler to choose for your unique concerns. (more…)