Are You Monitoring Your Moles?


Atlanta GA Dermatologists That Treat MelanomaA mole, medically termed melanocytic nevus, is a very common skin growth. You may notice some moles stick around your entire life, while others pop up after prolonged periods in the sun. Most moles are harmless. However, there are certain moles that warrant concern. These are moles that have an abnormal shape or change in appearance over time. Such moles can lead to malignant melanoma. Suspicious moles need to be removed by a board certified dermatologist. (more…)

Why Are Women Prone to Spider Veins?


Atlanta GA Cosmetic DermatologistsIf you suffer from spider veins, you are certainly not alone. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of all women by the age of 60 will have spider veins, according to a recent study in AHA journals. While this venous condition can occur in both genders, it is more prevalent in women. Unfortunately, due to a female’s thinner skin and shaved legs, spider veins can be a significant cosmetic concern for women. This is undoubtedly a top reason why many females seek spider vein treatment at our office.

Why Am I Getting Acne as an Adult Woman?


Atlanta GA DermatologistsWhen the topic of acne emerges, most people think of teenagers. Adolescence is certainly the most commonly plagued age group. However, adult acne is also possible. In fact, when women had clear skin up until the age of 25 and suddenly struggle with pimples, it is called “late onset adult female acne.” If you are a woman who suffers from this, you’re likely asking the question “Why?”

There are a number of differences between teen acne and adult female acne, including their causes. A recent Italian study published in the Journal of American Dermatology shed light on this frustrating skin issue for women. Late onset female acne is primarily characterized by inflamed red lesions on the chin and cheeks. In other words, front and center for everyone to see. The study also revealed some commonalities for why it occurs. Women with acne often reported the following: (more…)

Diabetes and Dry Skin


Atlanta GA Cosmetic DermatologistsIf you are diabetic, you are well aware of the extra challenges you must face while trying to manage your condition. Unfortunately, your skin health is not exempt. One of the biggest issues that diabetes battle is dry skin. Not only can dry skin look scaly and itch terribly, it can also make you more prone to get a skin injury and suffer an infection. Due to your condition, you may also find that the infection or area of skin trauma takes longer to heal. (more…)

Why Did My Wart Grow Back?


Atlanta GA DermatologistsWarts are known as one of the most embarrassing skin growths, and they’ve unfortunately gotten a bad reputation with their association to witches, ugliness or old people. The truth is, anyone is susceptible to getting a wart, even a sweet, innocent child. They certainly don’t mean you are ugly, mean or don’t take care of yourself. However, warts should always be treated.

Warts can develop anywhere on the body. They are often caused by tiny cuts in the skin that become infected by a certain strain of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Since children tend to have a weaker immune system and get more scrapes and cuts compared to adults, it is more common to see warts on kids. Once a wart appears, it continues to grow until it is properly treated. You may have a wart so small that it grows for up to a year until you actually notice it. (more…)