Your Skin Care Regime: Order Matters

When it comes to skin care, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Some people can get away with lathering a bit of bar soap and splashing warm water on their face each morning. Others, however, have lined their bathroom counter with skin care products they use (or intend to use) each night and morning. Only a dermatologist, such as Olansky Dermatology Associates, can help you determine what you can and can not get away with when it comes to your skin. There is still a good majority of people that may think skipping a cream or lotion is fine, while in reality their skin is thirsty for moisture.

If you are someone who uses multiple products in your skin care regime, it is important to know that the order in which you apply them does in fact matter. Using your products incorrectly can be sabotaging the youthful and healthy result you are trying to achieve. Dermatologists recommend using the following sequence to get the most out of your skin care products:

  • Step 1 Washing.
    A gentle cleanser and a pat dry is all you need here.
  • Step 2 Treatment.
    Now is the time to apply any medicine or dermatologist recommended treatments on your skin. Make sure to be extra gentle around your eyes where you skin is the weakest.
  • Step 3 Moisturizer.
    Apply an adequate amount of moisturizing cream or lotion before bed. If you are following a morning routine, it is highly important that your moisturizer include sunscreen. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 (which blocks 97% of the sun’s rays) is what the American Academy of Dermatology recommends.
  • Step 4 Make-Up.
    Lastly, apply a make-up that accomplishes what you want but is light enough to let your facial skin breathe. If you have sensitive skin, ask your dermatologist for make-up suggestions that do not cause break outs.

Sounds simple enough, right? Just remember that using too many products can actually cause more irritation and be counter productive. For instance, too many anti-aging products applied at one time can result in a more visible appearance of the signs of aging. Olansky Dermatology Associates is here for you to help you understand your specific skin care needs and what your daily regime should include for achieving the youthful, healthy glow you deserve.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics