Frequently Asked Questions About Hyperhidrosis

Many people normally sweat during exercise or when in a heated environment. If you find yourself sweating for no reason, you may have hyperhidrosis. What can you do to get relief? Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive at Olansky Dermatology Associates about hyperhidrosis to help you learn more about this condition.

What Are My Treatment Options?
Treatment options for hyperhidrosis can vary depending on where you are experiencing excessive sweating. The most common area for treatment is the underarms. Popular hyperhidrosis treatment for this area can include prescription topical antiperspirants, Botox®, MiraDry, oral medications, iontophoresis and surgery.

Do Antiperspirants That Contain Aluminum Cause Alzheimer’s?
There is no solid evidence from research studies at this time that suggest aluminum in antiperspirants cause Alzheimer’s.

What Treatments for Hyperhidrosis Are Permanent?
MiraDry and sympathectomy are the only two hyperhidrosis treatments with permanent effects. Treatments such as topical antiperspirants, Botox and oral medications provide varying durations of temporary relief.

With MiraDry, Which Destroys Sweat Glands in The Underarm, Isn’t It Harmful Not to Sweat There?
Your body has around two to four million sweat glands. Approximately 2% of these sweat glands are found in your underarms. Significantly reducing underarm sweat should not interfere with your body’s ability to regulate temperature.

How Do I Know If I Have Hyperhidrosis?
There is no specific standard definition for hyperhidrosis. Sweating that interferes with your daily activities on a regular basis can be considered hyperhidrosis.

Do Natural Deodorants Work?
Natural deodorants contain essential oils to mask odor. These products are not designed to reduce sweating.

Schedule a Hyperhidrosis Consultation

Excessive sweating can be embarrassing. If you believe that hyperhidrosis may be impacting your life, there are treatment options available to assist you in getting relief. Schedule a consultation with Olansky Dermatology Associates to discover the best options for you today.

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