Can You Blame Your Parents for Your Skin Problems?

Many skin problems develop as a result of environmental exposure (sun damage, climate, etc) or the way we’ve taken care of our skin (poor hygiene, lack of moisturizer, etc). However, there are several skin conditions that may be beyond your control. In fact, genetics play a strong role in many dermatological issues. Inherited skin problems are collectively referred to as genodermatoses, or genetic dermatological disorders. The following are common skin problems that take place from the inside out and are often passed down from our parents:


Psoriasis is one of the most well-known systemic skin conditions. This type of scaly and itchy skin rash is a chronic skin disease. It is not only difficult to manage, but often hereditary as well.


Issues with dry skin or extra oily skin is also something that can be shared by a parent. Unfortunately, this can mean that your risk for battling acne is also an inherited problem. Genetic predispositions can affect the amount of sebum produced in the skin’s oil glands, and we know that oily skin is more prone to acne.


Contact dermatitis refers to a skin reaction from coming in contact with an allergen. While most people are sensitive to poison ivy, there are other types of skin allergies that are simply in your genes, such as a nickel allergy or certain soap or chemical. You may even be more prone to sunburns because of the skin type you were born with. Eczema is also a type of dermatitis (atopic), but this skin reaction is commonly associated with hay fever and asthma. This immunologic disease of skin hyper-reactivity can also be an inherited disorder.

While you may not like what your parents passed down to you in terms of your skin condition or skin type, there may be skin traits that you are happy to claim. For example, some people may find that their skin doesn’t show signs of aging as quickly as their friends. This may be a benefit that your mom or dad also experienced. While you certainly can’t change what genes you were given, there are ways to treat and manage inherited skin conditions. And some of these treatments may not have been around when your parents needed them.  Turn to Olansky Dermatology Associates for full service dermatology and advanced skin therapies for psoriasis, acne, eczema and much more.

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