The lips outline your smile and can be one of the most alluring features on the face. People focus on your mouth when you speak and smile, making the lips a very noticeable feature. The lips are also one of the first places to show signs of aging, including loss of volume and vertical lip lines. At Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics, we can help improve the appearance of the lips with Juvederm Volbella dermal filler injections. These injections are facial fillers that are designed to enhance the beauty of this facial feature.

Some people are born with thinner lips and want a plumper, more sensual mouth. Juvederm Volbella can achieve this look, adding volume to the lips for a fuller and more voluptuous smile. Others lose volume in their lips as they grow older. Lips becoming thinner, creating a tighter appearance. With one visit to our office, we can perform a quick enhancement with Juvederm Volbella that will add more volume to the lips that can last for up to a year before another treatment is needed.

Treating Vertical Lip Lines

In addition to adding volume to the lips, Juvederm Volbella is formulated to treat vertical lip lines that appear as you age. These tiny lines create a puckering around the lips and take away from their sensuality. Volbella is designed to treat these ultra-fine lines by adding volume under the skin. The injections smooth the skin around the mouth and help make it look years younger for up to a year with one treatment.

Juvederm Volbella is just one of the many products that we offer at Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics to improve the appearance of your skin and facial features. If you want to improve the beauty of your lips or reduce the signs of aging around your mouth, Volbella may be the right dermal filler for you. The treatment is quick and requires no downtime. You can have it done on your lunch break. Contact our office to schedule your consultation to learn more about Volbella and all of the different Juvederm products and other injectables we have available.