What Will You Do For Your Skin This Year?

It’s the beginning of a brand new year. Now is the time that many people are sitting down to create a list of goals for 2019. The majority of these New Year’s resolutions include ways to improve one’s health or their appearance. Have you ever considered that taking care of your skin can accomplish both? At Olansky Dermatology, we encourage you to set goals to improve your skin health this year. In turn, you are likely to find that you look more attractive and feel better too!

Here are some excellent ideas for better skin health in 2019:

  • Visit Your Dermatologist Regularly
    Not in the habit of scheduling an annual skin check with a dermatologist? It’s time to change your ways. A routine exam from a dermatologist can help you detect minor skin problems before they become uncomfortable and costly to treat. From acne to skin cancer, there are a wide variety of skin conditions that need a professional diagnosis and customized treatment.
  • Wear Sunscreen
    Yes, we know it is winter right now, but you are not off the hook when it comes to sunscreen. The sun shines all year round, which means the harmful effects of UV rays are continually threatening your skin health. Make it a habit this year to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 before you head outdoors each morning. It’s the best way to prevent skin cancer!
  • Exfoliate More
    You may not know it, but your skin needs a good exfoliation on a regular basis – typically twice a week is sufficient. Exfoliating your skin helps to remove the dead skin cells so that your fresh new skin can shine through. It can also ensure you are maximizing your investment in skin care products, as topical ointments and creams will work better when there is not a dead layer of skin in the way.
  • De-Stress
    This one may already be on your list, and it is not a goal that is easily attainable. Still, you should know that by lowering your stress levels, you can improve your skin health. When you are stressed and anxious, your body releases a cortisol hormone. This can lead to a chain reaction that makes your skin more sensitive and easily irritated from external factors.
  • Change Your Diet
    Establishing a healthier diet can do more than reduce your waistline. Eating more nutritious fruits and vegetables and less processed foods can impact your skin too. Certain vitamins and minerals can boost the integrity and complexion of your skin in many ways. You may also want to watch your alcohol intake, as this can lead to an uneven and red complexion.

Will You Stick to Your Resolutions?

According to research, approximately half of Americans create a New Year’s resolution, but only 8% actually follow through. For the sake of your health as well as your appearance, we urge you to stick to your skin care goals for 2019. Start now by scheduling your routine skin check at Olansky Dermatology in Atlanta.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics