Microdermabrasion: Simple Anti-Aging

Microdermabrasion is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments available. It is a simple and painless procedure that utilizes modern technology in a powerful exfoliation technique. Your skin will be brushed with a hand held mechanical wand. The device works as a vacuum against the skin while blasting aluminum oxide crystals (the second hardest mineral next to diamonds) to pick up dead skin cells on the surface. You will see some softening and smoothing effects after just one treatment, but true results are typically accomplished with a series of resurfacing treatments over 6-8 weeks.

Original crystal microdermabrasion methods have been around since the 1980’s, and technology is still evolving and improving. There are many benefits of this skin resurfacing treatment, which can be used on the face, neck, back and shoulders. Microdermabrasion is used for the following skin anti-aging solutions and improvements:

  • Softening find lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing coarsely textured skin
  • Reduces the appearance of scarring
  • Decreases pore size
  • Improves age spots or areas of hyper-pigmentation
  • Improves the effectiveness of skin care products since they can penetrate deeper into the skin.

Getting microdermabrasion at a full-service dermatology practice can provide the safest and most effective solutions. Home microdermabrasion kits will often not produce your desired results and the scrubs can be too abrasive and irritating on your skin. Olansky Dermatology Associates can provide premium aesthetic skin care services to patients of all skin types, including state-of-the-art microdermabrasion services. You do not have to endure costly surgeries or invasive treatments to get the youthful skin you deserve.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics