Feminine Itching and Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

Are you struggling with feminine itching and pain that doesn’t go away? Itchy and sore female genitals can be caused by a number of skin diseases. Vulvar dermatology can effectively diagnose and treat the source of your itching, burning and pain. Here’s how a vulvar dermatologist can treat your symptoms.

Unexplained Feminine Pain

Unexplained feminine pain can be a persistent long-term problem if left untreated. It can be caused by surgery, childbirth, soap sensitivity and certain skin conditions. Vulvar dermatology can help figure out the exact cause and prescribe medications or creams. Physiotherapy, counseling or surgery may also be helpful in relieving feminine pain.

Feminine Burning

Feminine burning can be caused by irritants, bacteria, infections, menopause and sexually transmitted diseases. If you experience persistent feminine burning, you may strongly want to consider seeing a vulvar dermatology doctor. There can be long-term problems if the underlying condition isn’t properly treated. The doctor can prescribe medication to relieve the burning and recommend additional treatments, depending on the underlying cause.

Feminine Itching

Chronic itching can be caused by environmental triggers, eczema or a condition known as lichen sclerosis. This disease causes white patches in the genital and anal areas. Some women can have an allergic reaction to soaps or feminine products. Wearing tight-fitting clothing can also create feminine itching and pain. Vulvar dermatology can prescribe an appropriate treatment if warranted.

Vulvar Dermatology Solutions for Feminine Itching and Pain

Vulvar dermatology can be highly beneficial to treat feminine itching and pain. Advanced treatments are available to help you find relief and regain a confident and active lifestyle. Contact Olansky Dermatology Associates today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jodi Ganz. Dr. Ganz is a qualified dermatologist who understands your pain and will help develop a custom treatment plan to eliminate your uncomfortable symptoms.

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