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Sclerotherapy: Your Spider Veins Solution

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Are you tired of hiding your legs this summer because of spider veins? You are not alone. As much as 84% of the population suffer from spider veins to some degree. Spider veins are dilated capillaries close to the skin’s surface. They are typically very visible and resemble short, fine lines, “starburst” clusters or a web-like maze. Spider veins are most commonly found on the thighs, ankles and feet.

Although they are sometimes mentioned simultaneously, spider veins are not the same as varicose veins. Spider veins are smaller, thinner and bluish blood vessels that are caused from poor circulation. Spider veins are usually a more cosmetic issue than a health problem. Varicose veins, however, are stretched-out veins where blood has pooled. They have a bulging, rope-like appearance and indicate that a one-way blood value isn’t working properly.

What Are Your Options?

You’ll be happy to know that there is help for your spider veins at your dermatologist’s office. Olansky Dermatology Associates offers sclerotheraphy as the treatment of choice for reducing or eliminating unsightly spider veins. It is safe and provides long-lasting results. Most people witness a 50-90 percent improvement after this procedure.

Sclerotherapy is a straightforward procedure that involves a fine needle injection directly into the affected vein. The injected solution works by irritating the lining of the vein, causing it to swell and clot. The vein then converts to scar tissue and eventually fades.

After a sclerotherapy treatment, you can expect to wear a compression bandage for several days. This helps the vein walls stick together and collapse the way it needs to. In most cases, more than one sclerotherapy session will be needed to achieve optimal results. Many patients find it best to undergo spider vein therapy during the winter months.

Whether you have spider veins because of genetics or previous pregnancies, it is best to let a board certified dermatologist recommend the best treatment for your situation. Sclerotherapy is a small price to pay when considering how much confidence you can gain as you expose your new summer legs.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jodi E. Ganz, Olansky Dermatology Associates

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Buckhead Office

3379 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 500

Atlanta, GA 30326

Roswell Office

11755 Pointe Place, Suite B-2

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