Can You Stop Wrinkles?

It is true that wrinkles are an inevitable consequence of the natural aging process. However, the formation of wrinkles can be accelerated by several factors that are within our control. Therefore, while we may not be able to stop time, there are still some things you can do to delay the onset of wrinkles and prolong your youthful appearance. Understanding the science behind wrinkles can make a significant difference in how you tackle wrinkle prevention.

How Do Wrinkles Form?

The development of wrinkles begins in the dermis of the skin, which is the second layer of skin that houses key structural elements, including collagen and elastin that give your skin elasticity and strength. As we get older, the rate of cellular division and turnover in our skin doesn’t happen as quickly. In turn, the dermis gets thinner and collagen production slows down. This causes a depression in the skin or visible looseness. In addition, the oil glands in the skin become less efficient over time, which can leave the skin dry and make wrinkles more visible.

How Can You Control Wrinkles?

As previously mentioned, we can’t control the aging process. However, there are many controllable factors that influence or accelerate the development of wrinkles. By making adjustments in the following categories, you may be able to retain a youthful glow for a longer period of time:

  • Sun Exposure
    The sun can further break down collagen and elastin in your skin as well as lower its immune system. The use of sunscreen is paramount if you want to prevent winkles!
  • Smoking
    Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it narrows the blood vessels that supply vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin. Smoking is also known to slow down collagen production. Your smoking habit could absolutely be contributing to your aged appearance.
  • Antioxidants
    Antioxidants such as Vitamin A, E and C as well as beta-carotene provide important protection for your skin by counteracting the process of oxidation within the body. The skin benefits of antioxidants can be reaped even if they are applied topically.
  • Sugar
    Excess sugar in the bloodstream can lead to the formation of AGE (advanced glycation end) products. AGEs are molecules that can damage collagen and elastin over time, resulting in more wrinkles. Limiting processed foods and sugars in your diet can help you avoid premature facial sagging and wrinkles.

At Olansky Dermatology Associates, we welcome the opportunity to educate patients about how their lifestyle affects their skin, particularly when it comes to wrinkles. If your smoking habit, diet or chronic sun exposure has already taken a toil on your skin, ask us about our menu of cosmetic dermatology services. We offer the latest in laser therapy, dermal fillers and chemical peels to help you turn back the hands of time.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics