Acne Scars: Put The Past Behind You

Did you suffer from embarrassing acne throughout your teen and young adult years? Are the acne scars left behind a constant reminder of your uphill battle against skin blemishes years ago? There’s good news for you. While acne scars will never just go away on their own, there are many options available to you at your dermatologists office that can rid you of your painful acne past.

What Causes Acne Scars?

An acne scar is caused by collagen and epidermal damage to the skin after recurrent acne problems. An acne scar is a deep or depressed scar that produces a crater-like or orange-peel appearance on the skin, usually the face. It is common for acne scars to also cause a red appearance. You may feel as though your acne scars are just at noticeable and embarrassing as the acne once was.

How Can A Dermatologist Help?

There are many ways that a board certified dermatologist can help reverse the damage that acne has left behind. Since acne is a result of tissue damage, dermal fillers and chemical peels are among common acne scar treatments that can even out your skin tone and texture. Olansky Dermatology Associates proudly offers the latest and most advanced treatment for acne scars, including the following two treatments that effectively reduce red or crate-like acne scar appearances. Both of these procedures are very well tolerated with the use of numbing cream.

  • Rejuvapen Micro Needling:
    This state-of-the-art treatment uses tiny micro needle perforations to stimulate the skins natural healing, which increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and improves the appearance of acne scarring.
  • Fraxel Laser Treatments:
    Tiny columns of laser energy is concentrated to penetrate the dermal layers of your skin, effectively breaking the bonds of scars and allowing your skin to produce new collagen. Fraxel Laser treatments can significantly improve acne scars and your overall skin texture.

It is very possible that your specific acne scars may need a combination of treatments as well as repetitive treatments to fully restore even-toned and smooth facial skin. Regardless of the severity of your acne scars, it is most important that you realize the advanced treatment options available to you today and take advantage of these solutions so that you can finally be confident in your skin. When it comes to choosing acne scar treatment, choose the best so that you can put the worst behind you!

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics