6 Tips For a Confident Teen Complexion

Adolescence can be a turbulent stage of life. As your child undergoes puberty and finally starts to care about his or her appearance, the struggle of clear skin often becomes a reality. Due to surging hormones beginning around age 13, many teenagers find that acne, oiliness and clogged pores are threatening a confident complexion. The good news is that with some care and attention, your teenager can reduce or even eliminate unwanted skin changes.

As a teenager, we know you are exploring your independence and trying to get a grasp on balancing responsibilities. However, don’t let your skin care go to the wayside. Following these six tips can help you achieve a complexion that is not only healthy, but clear and attractive too:

  • Avoid Washing with Bar Soap
    Most bar soaps and many high-foaming gel cleansers are simply too high in pH, which means they are too harsh for your skin and can strip your complexion of needed moisture. The extra layers of dry, dead skin can trap oil and bacteria and lead to more pimples. Consider a gentle, deep-pore cleansing product to wash your face.
  • Don’t Skip Washing Your Face
    We know you’re tired. You’ve studied late or had a long sports practice. All you want to do is hit the pillow to get some sleep. Unfortunately, if this means skipping your face washing routine, you are allowing dirt, environmental debris, bacteria and makeup to suffocate your skin and fester unwanted breakouts the next day. For clearer skin, wash your face every single night – no excuses!
  • Implement an Alcohol-free Toner
    This may be the first time you are introduced to a toner, which is a special facial cleansing product that offer water-based hydration to the skin for optimal health. Avoid toners that contain alcohol and use it between cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Don’t Pick
    Teens have a bad habit of picking at their skin. Whether it is a nervous habit or you are trying to pop a pimple, you are not doing your complexion any favors. In fact, you may actually be forcing bacteria deeper into your skin, which results in scarring and more breakouts. Ask your dermatologist when it is okay to put your hands on a pimple.
  • Change Your Pillowcase
    This is an important skin care tip that is often overlooked but makes complete sense once you think about it. Your pillowcase remains in contact with your face for several hours out of the day. It can also accumulate bacteria and oil, which can easily be transferred to your “clean” face when you go to bed each night. Make a habit of washing your pillowcase or changing it out on a regular basis.
  • Don’t Forget Sunscreen
    It’s a golden rule for every stage of life. The hard truth is that nothing can age your skin faster than sun exposure and those same UV rays can also cause skin cancer. Play it safe and wear a sunscreen daily. To ensure your sunscreen doesn’t cause blemishes, find one that is compatible with your skin type. A dermatologist can help!

At Olansky Dermatology in Atlanta, we specialize in teen skin care. If you have a teenager that is battling acne or other unwanted skin problems, we are here to help. Call our office today to make an appointment.

Posted on behalf of Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics