Why Choose Kybella?

Are you self-conscious about your double chin? Do you struggle to get rid of your under chin fullness despite a healthy diet and exercise? At Olansky Dermatology Associates, we understand that under chin fat, or submental fat, is a common concern for many adults. Therefore, we are proud to offer a revolutionary facial filler to permanently reduce or eliminate your double chin without surgery. Kybella injections are a safe, FDA approved treatment for patients who suffer from moderate to severe fat below the chin. If you are bothered by the appearance of your profile due to excess fullness or fat below your chin, Kybella injections may be right for you. It is a quick, in-office procedure that requires almost no social downtime.

Atlanta GA Kybella Injections

Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction

Kybella is a prescription drug that uses deoxycholic acid as its active ingredient. This acid is a synthetic version of a bio acid that the body naturally produces to help breakdown dietary fat. When Kybella is injected into the fat under the chin, the fat cell membranes are ruptured, which creates a noticeable reduction in a patient’s double-chin appearance. Kybella has the ability to permanently destroy fat cells, which means they can no longer store fat. Therefore, once your ideal results have been achieved, no further injections are needed. If multiple Kybella treatments are necessary, it is recommended that they be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

To learn more about this breakthrough injection treatment for under chin fat, contact Olansky Dermatology Associates today to schedule your appointment. We have a team of experienced and highly trained skin care experts who understand how to properly administer facial fillers and injections in order produce the most natural and attractive results. If you are ready to watch your double chin disappear without having to undergo surgery, choose Kybella from Olansky Dermatology Associates in Atlanta.